Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you only work for clients in the UK, or do you cater for overseas clients too?

    We will work for customers based in any country.

  • Do you only work for clients that speak English?

    Whilst it is helpful if we can communicate directly in English, we have an existing relationship with an interpreting service who can facilitate our mutual understanding of each other. Alex is also commercially proficient in Spanish and Russian. 

  • Can we meet in person?

    Yes, we would love to meet you and make a personal connection. We are happy to travel to a location of your choice or you are welcomed by appointment at our offices in Mayfair, London. 

  • How do I know I'm in safe hands?

    Aside from the many references we have available upon legitimate request, we know how much of an investment buying any horse is. We encourage all potential clients to have a detailed conversation with us and ask any questions you may have ahead of formally instructing us; this should help you decide if we’re the right fit for you. You are free to stop using our services at any point and our team will never force you into an uncomfortable position.   

  • How do I know my privacy is guaranteed?

    Convenience and confidentiality are at the heart of what we do. Throughout, and following the use of our service, details of our engagement will be treated with complete discretion. As a matter of standard practice, our Terms and Conditions of Business include a non-disclosure clause.

  • What are the benefits of using your service?

    Put simply; buying horses is risky, stressful and time consuming – allow us to do all the hard work for you so you can enjoy the process and maximise your investment. Our clients are the most valuable part of our business and our way of proving that is by giving back to you.

    Following the purchase of a horse sourced by us, you will enjoy several benefits including: 

        1. Preferential access and prices to an ever-increasing number of brands, for life. 
        2. A congratulatory gift for the first class you win on your new horse. 
        3. A contribution of up to £200 to spend on competition photographs or a photoshoot with your horse. 
        4. One photo per class won (limited to 5 classes and £50 per photo.)
        5. A unique combination of gifts to congratulate you on the purchase of your new horse.
        6. A 12-month management service for your new horse’s needs. 

  • What does it cost to use your services?

    There are standard services which have a standard cost – a list of which can be obtained by contacting us at enquiries@macleansoflondon.co.uk 

    Aside from the standard services, this is a completely bespoke and unique experience to each client and the cost is completely dependent on your requirements.

  • Do you only find showjumping horses?

    We specialise in showjumping horses but can make introductions to our partners for other disciplines. 

  • Do you only cater for top riders?

    No. We cater for riders from Grassroots to Grand Prix and everything in between. Amateur and professional clients are equally welcome.

  • Do you only cater for clients with large budgets?

    Whilst we require our clients to meet one of four criteria, a large budget is not always required. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirement to see if we can assist you.

  • Are you able to integrate with my existing team?

    Yes. We are happy to work with your existing team. 

  • I’ve already found some horses that I like but they're too far away for me to go and view them. Are you able to view them on my behalf and provide an impartial report?

    Yes. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

  • Are you able to attend an auction on my behalf and bid on the horse after the trial ride and inspection?

    Yes. We often attend many of the European auctions but are happy to travel elsewhere also.

  • I’m an agent/trainer, can I access your services on behalf of my client?

    Our business model is suited to the client relationship being managed directly by us. We are happy for any third party to make an introduction to ourselves and reward that introduction at no additional cost to the client.

  • Is there a contract?

    Our clients are required to sign our Terms and Conditions of Business to protect our mutual and individual interests. A copy can be obtained by contacting us at enquiries@macleansoflondon.co.uk

  • Is your availability immediate?

    This is dependent on many factors which change daily and also depends on your requirement. Please visit the Contact page and contact us via one of the available methods to get a representative view of our availability.

  • I haven't found the answer to my question here. What should I do?

    Please visit the Contact page and contact us via one of the available methods.